Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snow, sunshine, compulsory dances

Day 1 Gothenburg - Compulsories this afternoon, I love this. Same steps same music the only time you get a side by side evaluation of edge strength and quality and the alignment of the couples. 

Pairs short tonight.

It's freezing, sunny and snowed lots the last few days! Before that it was spring.



sketchbooker said...

I do not have Eurosport, forgive me. I believe that the compulsory is the Argentine Tango. Fabulous memories of those tricky, fancy, short crossrolls at the end of the sequence, exquisite changes of hold throughout and long drawn out edges, all skated with an air of arrogance. We roller dancers were always intrigued with the patterning on Olympic sized rinks, a rarity for us, which meant that our patterns were often tight, on very deep edges with much barrier kicking! It's all coming back to me now...thanks for reviving the memory, Nicky.

sketchbooker, Brighton

mrsredboots said...

As I said on the Eurosport message board, I really enjoy your critiques of the dancers - I'm an ice dancer myself, struggling for a decent line (and decent edges, and decent everything else!) with my husband, and a lot of what you say makes such sense. I just wish he could stay home from work to hear it, too!

Sharon said...

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