Friday, March 7, 2008


ICE TIMES fourth show - no doubt a different version to the other three as each one seems to develop - is on Monday at the Ambassador Theatre in Tunbridge Wells at 7.30pm..

We've designed a new poster for the tour, but we can't print it out because we already have posters. Trouble is the ones we have don't really protray the show.

So... if you have any contacts in the Tunbridge Wells area perhaps you'd point them to this blog and my website so they can come along to the show and let others know. I'm convinced it's a networking thing and we've had a lot of overall airtime and Woman's Own etc.. Just need it to translate to more bums on seats...

Louise's last show on Monday then I need another girl. The search is on....

Hope you like the poster. See the website too if you come here first it's starting to get in better shape and has more current pictures up.

I love the web as a communication tool.

I get my laptop back from Cancom today - they had to take it back and fit a slower processor as they had installed one that was faster and that invalidated the warranty - their mistake, I loose my machine for a couple of days! Not great customer service.... but anyway I'll have it back and continue show work and new site design - exciting.

Tiger is quiet alongside me, eyes open nearly two weeks old. I think he should have his skating debut at 15 days old at Tunbridge on Monday - what do you think?




Tinkerbell100 said...

Loving the poster and Louise is brilliant. Hope you can find somebody good to replace her !

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Nicky will find someone even better!