Monday, March 17, 2008


What a final, the best one yet. What a series! The best ratings, the most controversy, the furthest any celebrities have ever come. Bring on the tour it will be superb.

We judges gave two clean sweeps of 6.0's for Suzanne Shaw who skated with Matt Evers. Brilliant partnership they make and the highest marks by far we've seen on DOI.

All the contestants came back and did a joint routine which added to the fun and two routines from Chris and Jayne closed off a brilliant show.

I stood in the studio at the end of the show and enjoyed the space. I love places where an audience has been entertained there is a lovely atmosphere in the air. It has been a fun and exhilarating experience for me personally being a part of the team. 

Well done Suzanne and Matt, well done Chris and Frankie - what a battle that will be ongoing on the tour between them. What a tour it will be.

After show party was fun, blooper video a hoot had a dance with Linda - I think I'll teach her some salsa.

I stood and enjoyed the atmosphere in the studio afterwards, may be last time to be there - I hope to be on the series again but I always hold these things lightly - we shall see...

So off to Gothenburg for World Championships today for Eurosport - brilliant, a week of fun to come.




Tinkerbell said...

WHAT!!?? Why might you not be on the show next year!! Exlain yourself! ;)

madfishie said...

Yes ,,,explanation required please??
You cant say that then leave he country!!!!

Stephanie said...

Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want you to leave the show! But for whatever reasons, wish you all the best and hope you won't be gone from our TV screens too long! Hope the Worlds be as entertaining as this series has.

jewell said...

And they gave you the final judges comment of the night. Hope whatever you are doing next year will be as exciting as DOI. Still wondering what happened to Make Me a Star? When are they going to show the results?
All the best in Gothenburg, and see you on the tour.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you are part of the DOI show next year Nicky. The judges panel wouldn't be the same without you and I mean that. I have truly loved this years DOI and the final was the best ever. Suzanne deserved to win. Just wish there was more skating like this on TV. Its the best entertainment ever.


sketchbooker said...

Thoroughly entertaining series thanks. Dance v pairs?- for a new series has to be an ongoing controversy.
After hanging up my skating boots (Roller Dancer for GB) in late 80's I vowed I'd never watch this kind of show, but found myself thoroughly hooked. May God richly bless you, Nicky...

Sketchbooker, Brighton.

Anonymous said...

awww im glad other people dont want you to leave DOI either...please please please stay on the show, Wouldnt be the same without you on the ice panel.

Oh and btw...any chance we could see you and Karen skate again next series?!?! would be Fabulous if you did (although understand if you didnt...given your history) but think about it yes??