Thursday, March 6, 2008


Had a great day yesterday with Sarah, Tony, Gemma, Alice and Boo for Hello Magazine shoot.

Never did get time to clean the windows so hope they don't show up on thye pictures too much! We did have a laugh and little one - at eleven days old - was a superstar for the camera - go Tiger!

Christiane had a ball being dressed and made up and she looked a million dollars. Looks like the article could be published in next week's mag which would tie in with 'Finals Week' at Dancing On Ice.

Life has been so hectic recently that I wonder if I should have had a cleaner in before the guys came? Anyway - too late now and had done a decent job of the floors... but the windows!!!

I was inspired by seeing Gemma jumping on the beach and Tony taking a silhouette shot of her against the pier as the sun was setting. So I asked if I could have a go. We got a great 'jump' shot as I launched myself skywards and fell over on landing. I'll post it when it comes through. It's definitely a 'Come to Brighton' shot for the tourist board and will a great keepsake for our time in Brighton if / when we move on to somewhere else in the world.

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