Monday, March 17, 2008


IN HELLO THIS WEEK! See baby pictures - rock n roll.

Change gear from Dancing On Ice. A week away from Christiane and Tiger, off to commentate on World Figure Skating Championships with Chris (Howarth) for Eurosport today.

Watch and listen on Eurosport this week and please do send us emails with your comments - we love all that.

No limousine today (enjoyed having my drivers for Dancing On Ice - I think I should have one every day!) so it's the bus to Hammersmith and tube to Terminal 4 at Heathrow.

Diner with Chris in Gothenburg this evening and work starts tomorrow. I'm excited about being at World's I'll meet old friends and make new ones and see live the World's best skaters. For many years I've only done Europeans for Eurosport so this is brilliant. I'm a lucky boy to have a job - and life - like this.

Have a great day.




helsinkibaby said...

Looking forward to hearing your comments on Eurosport this coming week...always a pleasure to hear what you and Chris have to say about the skaters!

Nicky Slater said...

Thanks... will be great fun... email u and we'll give you a mention...