Thursday, March 20, 2008


Full on here at the rink side commentating for Eurosport, my we do do the hours! It's great to be able to do all the Original Dance today and half the ladies but I will be cream crackered by the end of it. A normal work day would be eight hours I hear - not for us.

But, well, it's not really a job is it, sitting and talking about ice skating at a World Championships? It's great fun but my body misses working out, sitting for eight hours a day and then eating late on is not great for conditioning.

Having fun with people emailing into our message box and reading them out on air - we've had comments from all over from Iceland to Turkey! Eurosport has quite a reach.

Apparently Hello pictures are great, although the text has some inaccuracy but not to much I'm told. Surprised they used some of my pictures too from the past. Can never tell how a story will be presented.

Enjoy the skating if you get a chance to watch it today...


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jewell said...

Wow, I just found out they are showing Worlds highlights on BBC2. Just caught the last minute with Steve Backley and Susie Lipanova being interviewed.
Its on again at 5.30pm and then 2pm tomorrow. Hope we get to see Nicky.