Friday, March 21, 2008


Me and Chris rinkside at World Figure Skating Championships here in Gothenburg. Friday is Short Programe for Men - we're on in an hour and ten the final of the Ice Dance tonight with the Free Dance which will be exciting.

I'm loving being here at World', first time for ages and the perspective on the level of skating you get from being rinkside is brilliant. Ladies final was full of drama last night and Chris called it superbly.

Having fun with Chris and we are getting loads fo feedback into our messageboard from all over the world.

Walked through the snow to get here! Didn't expect that in March. 

Enjoy the viewing on Eurosport today.




bolero25 said...

sounds like you are having a great time - keeping busy! i've been keeping up with the champs online - some great performances

saw the hello pics - what a gorgeous baby - you and Christianne showul be so proud - you look like such a happy little family - Congratulations again!

i'm looking forward to coming to see DOI tour in many locations and of course, your show in Fife - me and my sister will be travelling through to see what i'm sure is a superb show!

jewell said...

Saw the Ladies yesterday, I think BBC2 Highlights are a day behind. My fave was Yu-Na Kim. Dance today (hooray!) at 1pm. Havent watched a competition for years. The new way of scoring makes them focus much more on technical. Lets hope the Dance is different. Wonder if Chris (Dean) has trained any of them?

jewell said...

Weeee! Its snowing hard in Sussex!
I just watched the Worlds Dance comp. My faves were the USA and Canadians. I dont like it when the dances are too fast and furious, it makes them seem 'messy', I prefer lyrical and flowing.
Back to DOI - who invented the Snakecharmer - was it from T&D's Song of India, or was it around before that?

Anonymous said...

We've watched all the World's this week- incredible! You and Chris seem to be having such a great time there, we really enjoy your comments (especially the ones that make us laugh!... was it Chris who wanted to sell your seat to see the World Dance competition? :P). Keep it up, and congratulations for your new family!! Random question, will Tiger also be an ice skater?

Raquel said...

Hi Nicky

firstly I want to Apologise I sent you an email a few days back and have only just been informed of how busy you are.

How are you ?

As you will see from the email I plan to come and see DOI the tour in nots and I have asked a cheeky favour if poss dont worry if not.

Also I only just found out about ice times looks fab and just had to book tickets to see the show in Malvern and to my surprise we have good seats

anyway bye for now

Neil said...

Boys - you are looking very well... since there is a nice empty ice rink behind you what about 'Blades of Glory'!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

It'd be hugely appreciated if you'd have a look at this page, and possibly link to it on your site?

We know you're a man to get behind a good cause!
Thankyou in advance for your time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

A quick line to say enjoyed your commentary for world championships. Great skating to!
Going to see your show in May but here you may have a new partner - any clue to who it is?
Keep up the great work

jewell said...

Nicky seems to have lost the will to Blog! Or lost the cable to the laptop again!
In case I dont see you on Sat. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday!
Jo - I donated, so I hope it wasnt an April Fool's thing??

Anonymous said...

(Not Jo but..) Definitely not an April fool :-) Fair bit of money raised so far and more to come I hope!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky! I havent known you also run a blog as well^^ It is fantastic to see you are such an enthused figure skating lover! I saw your paso from the 1984 worlds, and to be honest i gazed at it with my mouth open! Wish you good luck! Your perennial fan Michaela from CZ

C said...

Happy Birthday Nicky. Hope you have had/having a fab day!

Many happy returns

C x