Wednesday, May 12, 2010


David Cameron speaks outside No 10 and I am moved by his words. Change cannot be brought about by the Government alone but by all of us - Yes, of course, as Barrack Obama says - I have responsibility in this too... He speaks of Principles - thank goodness - not just 'I can give you 10p off this or that..." A tear runs down my cheek (what a softie!). It's because I am reminded that this is my country - and deep down it is a country I love passionately.

I watch David Cameron and Nick Clegg stand alongside each other in the gardens of No 10 Downing Street. I hear the words and smile at the prospect of two able men leading a team. I note the result of 'unhurried' negotiations led by William Hague - a man of mark - from the Conservatives side. These men speak of BRITAIN - indeed Great Britain. They speak of 'hope' they speak of 'responsibility' not of 'rights' they are young and seem sure in their stance of wanting to do the best for the country.

I am seriously considering leaving Britain - or UK as they have come to call it - because it has become more of a police state overburdened by bureaucracy and anti-entrepreneurial sentiment. Where posters roadside ask you to inform on people doing wrong. Report them? Some type of Big Brother watching you mentality. Where a person can make money by 'Being Right' in their 'Rights' easier than through their endeavours and service to others. Where the phrase UK - United Kingdom permeates a Kingdom that in the last thirteen years has pushed for separatism and devolution where the term Great Britain only surfaces around Olympic time.

'Deep down' I really love my country. But how I wish it was more businesslike. How I wish it did not produce inept overbearing form filling. CRB checks for everyone creating an industry that produces expense without really protecting. If you want to ceat it you could. A drivers licence that needs a paper form as well as a plastic card - why both? Health and Safety edicts that make it a nightmare to feed or employ people. Employment Law that leads to a contract by contract culture where loyalty to the company in the long term is the exception. PFI Contracts 'Off Balance Sheet' for the country that carry 25 year contracts with offshore companies and that, if included in our National Debt would add massively to it. How much money has been spent in the last thirteen years?

So hope? As with President Obama and look at his popularity ratings right now. We have to rein in spending on public funded bodies but pensions are contracted to last a lifetime? We have to 'PRODUCE' output, not simply check if anyone is OK to do a job, or looking for a job - for the set number of weeks then remove them from the register - as happened to my friend! We should remove any office that does not produce output... Output should be a positive contribution to the economy. Will we stick with the politicians when things get much tighter?

It was once suggested to me that I take a department I ran in company and set it up as a Consultancy. I was scared to do so. I did not realise that what I ran - a 15 person £1 million turnover communications and marketing department could actually have made a contribution and been a very successful business so I resisted. Perhaps part of the way forward is in envisaging the many people in jobs that do not produce into 'What's Possible' - their entrepreneurial traits and skills in administration - which are so valid - released to a new place.

Hope... I pray they can make a difference - our new leaders - serve us and inspire us to serve our country in return. I feel like staying and trying to help make things work better, make Britain Great again, if they can do it, lead us effectively...

And as my son gently talks himself to sleep I wonder for him. Where is the best place to bring him up? Could it be worth staying here? My I hadn't considered that until I heard David Cameron talk today.


So God Bless this government as they seek to turn around a ship that is holed with a huge deficit and, like a tanker, will take a while to turn around.

Goodness, the Civil Service may have done scenario planning but even they will not have seen such an integrated cabinet and linked coalition as this.

Brilliant - I hope...

Here's to 'GREAT BRITAIN' - a Land of Hope and Glory. Now that would be special.



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Anonymous said...

Well Nicky, you moved me too.. With this article! Wow! And dont blame yourself being a softie! What is wrong on tearing up? I so much hope Britain will be "great" once again!
The saddest thing is you dont know what´s gonna happen tomorrow or the coming years. But our future depends on our behaviour today I spose.