Monday, May 17, 2010


Once upon a time I can remember not having had much to do on a Monday. I could just go out for a coffee and enjoy the view of the beach.... my life was managed so that I didn't need to do much. But it wasn't fulfilling. I did enjoy my turkish coffee though.

Once upon a time I had retired. Interesting how people perceive you when you say that to them - and you're not 84! I think they imagine you as rich enough to never work again....

Well that was then and I'm in a different world today. This Monday is full of challenges and opportunities and after a melt down on Friday and Saturday where I was 'exhausted' - must have been tour reaction and body saying - STOP! Energy is back and moving ahead... and maybe the sunshine helps too.

Funny how - even when tired a song outline came on the Oasys last night... I love my Oasys even as she hides in her complexity. I am coming to be less daunted by and more able to work with her... and.. I have a new electric guitar that is great fun. Garage Band first for playing with stomp boxes and to Logic later. Loving the range of sounds I can create to add to what I write. Another palate to come from - Mud - lead singer of my band MudAthewall is very pleased with the Axe - as I understand it to be called.

Worldwide online business ideas developing and possibly a little skate in June... Plus a BIG IDEA for ice... but these are distractions - back to finance and tech linkages. My office is starting to look like I am flying a plane - just what I envisaged.....

What you can conceive you can achieve - or see it be it as someone once said somewhere...

Hope you're having a great Monday.



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