Thursday, May 20, 2010


Have you read Getting Thiings Done by Dave Allen? If not, and you have a lot to do, I recommend it. I was reminded of it today and dipped back into the book.

If your system is not 'hard edged' i.e. there is overlap your mind will think it's broken. Yes, yes that's what's happened for me. That's when 'Overwhelm happens'... So a day of sorting things and getting clearer. Lovely.. and getting things done with ease... Love that. Systems development to come. I've already got somethings in order as Dave suggests but need to clean up further and tweak to get more effective again.

It's like a delayed spring cleaning :)

Oh yes and Watch Julie and Julia - great fun. Makes me want to cook! We watched it last night.

Off to Kettle Bells and Abbs...



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