Saturday, May 1, 2010


In 1986 I chartered a private jet to fly in Chris and Jayne and Karen from Germany. I arranged for airspace clearance across Germany. The event was Sport Aid screened for ITV. My first producer role. Tonight - a few years on I judged celebs skating and Karen is on the panel and Chris and Jayne of course star in the show.

Booing seems to be much in evidence. I kept a booing relationship going for about a minute and a quarter tonight as I explained my marks to the lovely people of Birmingham here. All good natured and pantomine and a release of tension for our crowd - at least I hope that's how it is...

Two more two show days to come then Belfast for the final leg of the tour.

My mother in law is suggesting I get paid by the boo next time - this would increase my salary exponentially!



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