Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So there I am in the restaurant this evening with two of my close friends and we're having a great time. I love learning about people's backgrounds and experiences. My friend David has had a rich life... I was hearing something of his most memorable moments.

A young man (say 12?) came up with his sister and asked for my autograph - he was very respectful and brave leading his sister (8?) to get my signage. Another autograph request followed. All lovely...

I was talking a little about 'being clocked' and ruminating about 'Celebrity' and - in timely fashion - Adrian mentioned that it was not me 'being clocked' but actually it was David with his bag! Indeed.... Of course - how vain of me to think it was about me!!!

David has a European style bag and of course is a personality in his own right. Ha - so there I have it - as soon as the Celebrity moment happens my friends help my feet find the ground.. excellent.

A superb evening with great guys...



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