Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Plumbing various bits of hardware and software has been a challenge for me over the last year as I seek to build my studio! A learning curve akin to the North Face of the Eiger being the climb for each piece of software and it's integration with hardware.

Back off tour my Raid drive refused to work properly which is a bit of a nightmare and I have been in technological overwhelm city...

Then a sunny day comes and some kind Tech support guru offers some advice.

Check to see if the cables are plugged in. Now don't be silly there are only two cables on a Raid drive and the green label one is to the green label marker on the computer and part of it works anyway and... well it looks like it's plugged in and.. well I'll just just wiggle that one to check and - 'click'..... Restart computer and there it is working! Oh my goodness what a bozo. The techies were kind - thank you Joel for saying it happens to all of us.

A man I new once told me the story of how his company, a Football Pools Company of national renown had to get results out on a Saturday. It was in the days of Saturday games only. The computer failed to work and experts were ferried in by helicopter and worked around the clock but to no avail. It got to Sunday, it was a nightmare and the punters would feel cheated and perhaps not keep using the company. A company that was in it's second generation of successful operation. "Have you checked the plugs?" asked one person. No doubt a withering look from the techies was received but? Yes you've guessed it, the 13 Amp plug powering the computer had a loose connection and the computer was of course being affected by that! Once fixed all worked again perfectly.

The moral of the story - Check the plugs first then! Doooh

And joy of joys - my Mackie Mixer has decided to see Logic - I can't get the C4 to read yet - but it will come. Touch sensitive controls and an easy to use interface - a breakthrough as it was refusing to see Logic properly before. The secret - remove everything - don't believe icons and rescan from scratch -plus some updates I've downloaded may have helped....

And my third techie joy today is with my Oasys - I recorded a Dance Track for fun this afternoon. Very detailed and easy.. Now - need to link it to Logic...

For anyone who has gone to sleep I can quite understand... but for me it's great when stuff works.

Now back to what I should be doing rather what distracts me :)



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