Thursday, May 13, 2010


Back in my studio. Admin work piled up after time on the road :( I need an Administrator to do the bitty stuff. So many bits to be sorted, eats time and energy.

But studio is coming on and so are songs - wrote some on tour and another one yesterday.

It's exciting to realise I am being Producer - as in old fashioned Producer enabling the Artist to play, create and see what comes. The Artist being me :) It's a stretch to set it all up professionally with technical software and hardware engineering issues to be overcome but the potential is fun....

Time away gives a refreshed view for me. Just need to choose what's first on the huge TO DO list.

And other business opportunities coming up - I need an Administrator!!! otherwise I think I shall explode. A full time assistant to get stuff done.

OK job description to be put together...

Have a great day

Love N

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