Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There are six people in my house including me, all our working on ICE TIMES which premieres (sounds posh) in Brighton at the Theatre Royale tomorrow evening.

Louise and I have five routines of varying lengths put together! My lovely wife Christiane, who used to be dancer and Director of a Dance company, is trying to pursuade me not to make funny faces when I skate - I can't feel it!

We are doing vidoe cues, costume change cues, lighting cues, pool cues - OK not the last one. There's so much in this show.

Victorian skates have arrived - very exciting - Louise looks great on her 1900's skates.

Tomorrow is a huge day. Radio at 8.30am, tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals plus show from 7.45 pm. Wow - we will all need energy in abundance.

But... I having a ball, this is showbusiness and I love it. Practising on our special rink in the church hall where Christiane and I had our wedding reception, on a raked stage tomorrow! Great fun - what a challenge.

If you can make it I can promise you a laugh and some fun and insight into Ice Dancing. I think this show will grow and grow as we gain more assets and video and photos over time. An exciting prospect.

Come along and say Holiday on Ice to the box office and they will give you tickets for £10.

So for now goodnight - I'm off for a bath whilst everyone else continues to prepare! I need my beauty sleep....



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