Friday, January 25, 2008

Eurosport - What Day Is It?

I made the biggest boo boo today ever!

Four hours into our 6 hours of the ladies I was chatting away and viewing our message board. I went back up to a thread and read out a question. I then said OK CHris 'So who do you think will win the men's?" He said "Think about it..."

Fact is the Men's finished yesterday! Ha ha how crazy, And ur what day is it then?

Six hours of live commentary is absolutely draining. Back for more later then driving to Brighton. I'm so whacked I'll be asleep on Dancing On Ice at this rate.



1 comment:

P. said...

Funny story ;) But I think it's normal-after so many hours of live commentary! You and Chris are really doing a great job so don't worry-just 2 more days left ;)
P.S. I managed to log in! Finally!!