Thursday, January 24, 2008

ICE TIMES - My new skating partner - Louise & Nina?

Skated with Louise on Friday - we had a blast and made up a routine for the show next week. I'd blocked a lot of the choreography and we added bits together. I was pleased to see that she too found the ice surface a good workout and that it wasn't just me.

Christiane and I went to see Kyran in HOI in Brighton on Saturday - great seats - thank you Robin. Kyran is skating with a gorgeous petite East European girl. Next day I found myself having a lesson on lifts from Mark with Nina (the girl Kyran was skating with). I did my first press lift - with a little help! Wow.

It's amazing that ICE TIMES is growing in its content to include much more skating. I find I love to be on the ice and it will be super to be performing again.

The challenge of course is a raked stage and artificial ice as well as a new partner! No problem at all then.

Show Wednesday - so much still to do! Oh my goodness....


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