Friday, January 18, 2008

FRIDAY - GMTV and BBC! and Daily Mirror!!!!

I'm knackered - technical term for tired. Well bodily at least. Off for a nice hot bath soon to soothe the muscles. Good feeling though I've been skating a lot this week on my new ice pad.

I was on GMTV this morning and bless him Andrew Castle cut me off from talking about ICE TIMES my show. I sit a bit peeved about that this evening. He didn't tell me he was coming to that item first and closed it down quite strongly. Shame really as it was a chance for me to tell people a little about the show. Ah well next time I won't let him close me down then! You live and learn.

Anyway I was there for DOI comments as well which I hope you enjoyed if you saw them and it was nice to see Michael on the ice.

Got back from London and to Crowborough to be practising by 11.30am. Ice is getting better as I skate it in but my boots are nearly gone as I put them through a lot on the special synthetic ice we're using. It's really great to have it but, because it is much less slippy than real ice, it is also very hard work physically and takes it's toil on boots - and my ankles. No matter though I'm starting to get more and more used to the surface and I'm encouraged by what more could be possible. It will be brilliant to have it on a stage but I'm just hoping I don't get too excited and fly off into the audience. When I first went on the ice it was brand new and quite tough, now I'm starting to flow more. Much better...

Did a piece with Penny Evans for BBC SE this afternoon on the ice to be broadcast this evening, Tim was the cameraman. We had some fun with Penny on her red skates.

We're seeming to be battling with form filling for authorisation of my skating partner. Strange that you have to pay these days for eligible skaters to take part on top of paying them. It's a funny old world.

Daily Mirror's been offering my ex wife money for her story - 'substantial amounts'.... Ha ha how crazy is that? They will have paparatzi outside Millbrook Garden Centre as I practise next...

We advertised in the Brighton Argus for the Brighton show today with a special ticket rate so hope you saw it and can get a great deal. If you're not in Brighton quote Argus ticket offer and get £10 tickets - for an ice show! That's great value.

I've been developing more content and I'm still not sure what I'm wearing for Act 2 yet?..... I want to do loads of costume changes but I need to stay miked up and linking things through so this needs to be worked through. And lots of music to be sorted.

I'll have my laptop back tomorrow so can get on with more of this and pass it on to the team.

Feels like life is very fast at the moment.

And baby is kicking and I'm told can come along at any time now. No pressure at all then....

Speak soon



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