Monday, January 14, 2008

ICE TIMES.....progress....

Trying out with a partner for the show tomorrow - 16 days to go before show 1 so no pressure at all then!

Ice surface to practise on being installed Wednesday, we'll get some pictures up of that. I've had my blades sharpened to razor edges. Tomorrow though I'm going to skate on real ice which will be a bind - they will grip too much.

Life has accelerated somewhat crazily as I expected. Good though, amazing what you can get done when the pressure's on. Providing I don't explode in the meantime.

I've gone dairy and wheat free to see about getting fitter. Seems to be working, on Friday I ran without being out of breath at all and feel much lighter - goats milk rules and I'm getting acquainteed with nuts as a snack, rather than cappaccino and chocolate biscuits!


Group Booking rates for Brighton in place and churches special. If you know any churches please make them aware of this. Posters on website have some links please call box offices if you want tickets it would be great to see you at the show.

No blogs then three in one day - hey ho - it's like buses arriving.....



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