Wednesday, April 4, 2007


On Dancing on ice Tour, George, Oasys, et al…

I love being on tour again.

It’s show day 4, show 6. Things are wizzing along. Superb audience reaction a great show and the celebs are taking to ice show touring like ducks to water.

And I’m enjoying this touring life. The best touring food you could imagine – thank you Susie and Rachael and the team. Lovely hotel, and today off to Champneys. I’ve never been before. I came out all floppy… work out, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and lunch with a .. well I have to own up facial … I need it! Brilliant fun. What a life.

And this is part of my strategy to get in shape for my wedding on May 5th. But it’s hard work. No alcohol for lent, no carbs, eating well and working out every day! Christiane will have a new me – if I can keep this up for another few weeks!

Welcome George Slater – who came into the World – now was it Saturday? How time flies at 9lbs 8 ozs to my brother Kim and Mo – his mum…. Sammy and Harry now have a brother to look after! And I have three nephews. I can see a boys day out in Brighton in the future.

I have always had the idea of building up a set of touring cases that can be with me on touring shows as I travel around. I saw a friend of mine with this set up a while back.

Two years ago I developed this and invented the idea of me being able to be on tour being able to write and produce music as I travelled. Last Friday I realised the latter of these two ambitions. Albeit not in a way I had completely envisaged. Here I am on Dancing On Ice Tour with my new (awesome) Oasys keyboard / studio. It’s case is being made – they are not that quick at making them!

The other evening it was like flying a plane over Birmingham, you can perhaps see from the pictures. I am delighted with it and spent an entire day learning about the operating controls…. Now to write some melodies.

That’s it for now – sat in the Production Office absolutely knackered. 10 minutes to home. Too tired to go.. must get on.

But finally thanks to Yvonne Debbie and Sue who welcomed me into the rink – their picture is attached.

Talk soon

Love Nicky

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