Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog stalker....

I think I have a blog stalker.... Ha ha... here's why.

I sat down to judge rinkside tonight here in Glasgow and on my pad someone had written. MR BLOG! It wasn't in blood or anything so dramatic. And it's not exactly a threat or anything but.... who could it be?

I have my suspicions, in fact I think I know who you are... Ha. Nothing like intrigue to add interest to an evening of judging.

This is perhaps the thing that crime novels are made of? Or maybe not! Maybe I should just relax and go get a Guinness... Yes I'll do that.

More important things to deal with such as seven days and one hour to go to being a married man... Wow - seems a long way off still. Being on the road is like being in a bubble. We get catered for and looked after very well. Will have to learn to cook and shop again when I return. After a week away on a cruise that is.

Me with Christiane...

Life's rich at the moment.

Anybody reading this from Glasgow who came to the show - thanks for the noise. Great audience again.



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