Sunday, April 8, 2007


Dancing on ice Tour hits Wembley. It’s show thirteen of forty two today and every house is full and the audiences are loving the show.

Last night the bus was swamped by people on the way out – very rock and roll. Love that. Hate my picture in the programme though – apparently I’m told I’m looking better than I did in the series – must be the good eating, lack of alcohol (for lent) and working out… Have to keep it up now!

I got a deciding vote in the Bolero the other night – we were tied as a panel and Andy Peters came to me… Quite a moment to remember my birthday by as opposing groups of fans desperately tried to influence my decision. Interesting to have 7,000 people shouting their opinions at you and to keep calm and keep going. I pleased fifty percent of them with the final result!

Last night I gave Duncan a 6.0 for his birthday. His mum was in and we all wanted to see him skate bolero. Great fun.

We are staying at the Landmark Hotel in London. Which is extraordinarily expensive; has huge rooms and has rubbish service in the breakfast area and bars. Don’t stay there. The guys bringing in my keyboard were excellent as they carried it in (thank you) but such a shame they are let down by other areas. When you have to ask four times for a coffee that costs £5.75. Water £9, vodka and tonic £12. Maybe this is normal – but not in my world. Twenty five minutes to get breakfast – that costs £25! Hello. And there’s no kettle in my room. Have to go and buy one! I like a little cup of coffee whilst playing the keyboard. Everyone is experiencing the same thing. Whoever runs the breakfast staff should be shot… metaphorically you understand. (In case any M15 spider is reading this and thinks me subversive!)

Had my fiancee Christiane and my brother Kim and his son Sammy to the show yesterday – a great day. We all ended up playing football out the back of the arena with Andrei and Alexei and Paul our sound guy. Good fun.

Also met with one of my best friends Neil and his new lady Tracey today. She is lovely – as expected and they are very much in love. A lovely time together.

Christiane has gone now – and I’m a bit bereft. I won’t see her again until our wedding day now which is May 5th.. So I see her next in her wedding dress. Now that’s an exciting prospect.

And we’ve got great news of going on a cruise the day after the wedding for a week. A nice little trip to Amsterdam and back – after that we’ll probably chill in Brighton for another week. Our main honeymoon will be in the autumn going around the world.

And the photo - team members at Champneys! A relexing morning.

Must go. Change of costume for the second part of the show. I’m getting a little late as we get used to the show running time….



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