Friday, April 27, 2007


Ahh to be in one place for a couple of days how lovely.

Awful journey up for me. Well awfull in terms of sleep. Watched Spinal Tap and Be Cool on dvd drank a large amount of lovely white wine and killed a bag of Cadbury's buttons. Thanks for leaving those Bonnie - totally clobbered my fitness diet! Slept for 15 minutes and arrived at 5.40. into a room that had a sound going like I was still on the bus! Moved rooms .... you know when you're so tired and you've got into bed and you don't want to move... anyway.Then moved again the next day.

But... wrote the outline of a poem about the journey. Inspriation always comes in experiences.


Rock n Roll Touring
Dvd's - Spinal Tap then Be Cool
Travelling to Scotland on old Vantool
This sleeper’s seen some action
Axels bump and groan
Insomnia rules for me as it rocks n rolls
We've got to stop soon
The driver needs to break
Rock n Roll with Health and Safety
Surreal, I'm still awake

Rock n Roll touring
Glamour this is not
Arriving early morning
Show me to my cot
Room so loud too tired to scream
Six am move to a change of scene
Ahh sleep... move me tomorrow
Goodnight - or is it good morning
Time to dream....

Had breakfast with Bonnie. She's a wonder and inspiring. She gave me some wise advice. Great to get to know people more on the tour.

Off to try out a portable studio and buy a replacement case. If you see me in Glasgow you may notice to fake tan. we had it sprayed on yesterday and i definitely got my money's worth! Hope it's not orange in the sun!!!!



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