Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bus Travel

2.45 am. Leeds. Arrived and bags delivered, movie finished. 12 days to being married. Hmmm.... Hmmmm...

Nervousness amongst tour members re my blog postings. Or maybe they want one themselves? Anyway - as if I would post anything that would not be flattering. Ha. News of the World... Nothing here for you.

Newcastle was great for us. Sell outs again. Different winners in the competition. Clare winning with friends and family and Andrei's family present was a great moment. Duncan won too. Bonnie tonight - changing times.

I made a fopar tonight. Teeth not in straight. 7,000 people heard me get into a hesitation phase!!! Not ideal. Ha - I need to write my notes more clearly.

Feels like the downhill part of the tour now for me. 10 days to go. A great experience. Super people and, as ever in something like this you learn a little about yourself...

Catering - led by Susie putting me on a wheat free diet for rest of tour to get me in shape for marriage. Skating once a day so getting fitter. Had a night off tonight on the journey though. Lovely 2001 Rioja G thanks... Getting a little Rock n Roll here. Plus chocolate and crisps... well once in a while... perhaps indulgence is ok.

Fighting with keyboard - it's PC based. Rats - I love Macs. Expected this issue. Reading and fighting with manual - the power of the machine and it's PC basis makes it a monster to tame. But.. well it's a challenge. Will be good to overcome. Korg - you don't make things user friendly here....

Sheffield, Scotland, Ireland.. Brighton, cruise = my next three weeks. Busy time.... Then......... Brighton looking over the sea :)

I love this show business. Talking backstage today, being a part of the whole set up. this is a great world to be a part of from Paul - Swannee on sound to Mr Rommell leading in the nine trucks to ship the equipment onwards - I love it all.

Rock n Roll.

Love Nicky

PS - KB reading this, arms were much better tonight... :)

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