Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sat here in the production office in Brimingham. Just about staying warm. Exciting to see everything developing. The show will be brilliant fun with many surprises as well as the stars of the TV show.

We're staying in a great hotel and I crashed out for 10 hours there last night. Was running to get everything finished before I came away as I won't be back home until 4th May - the day before my wedding.

So a 3am to bed followed by a 7pm up was my final day in Brighton.

Better sleep than some of the tour people here are getting as they race the closck to bring the show to life by Saturday.

For all of you coming here you will love it. I think the atmosphere with the big arena crowd wil be electric.

Meanwhile on the mundane but essential front I'm very pleased to be sorting Ikea deliveries and door assembly etc - did loads of work before leaving but funny how managament skills are improved when you simply can't do things yourself anymore.

And my new keyboard is delivered to me tomorrow. I am very excited. It is a monster a Korg Oasys and is to facilitate composing and arranging music for me. I have a steep learning curve to address. That will be me for every morning for the next four weeks.

That's it for now.



PS Pictures will be up soon

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