Monday, November 29, 2010


Apologies, my music player is down on website - trial has expired - I'm going to get the bigger player (no Freudian comments or thoughts about this please - ha) but need to get code, embed etc... Been looking at other ways of doing my website - mocked up the corporate world - exciting to see things being spaced out into their areas that I plan. Had some web design input last week that really helped me develop this. I love the web. My web software has fallen over too so need to re-install before I can get stuff redone - all part of the process!?

Just sat at my Oasys - always have it set as a Grand Piano and it sounds wonderful. Eight am is practise time and then see what comes from that... I'm now capturing midi and audio tracks so i can see scores and has the Oasys' brilliant sound output. Brilliant to see the chords that i like noted and captured.

Just created a melody and counter that are in F and play around the hands being central around middle C. Robert on the last cruise we went on did some Bach or Rachmaninoff I think - (or something fancy... ) and played like that so I used it as an inspiration point. Interesting because you can only play certain notes in between and around the central chord so it frames what you can play for the melody. Quite gentle and in 15 minutes of improvising the base has come .... a film score / symphony one day...

Still can't get flipping DOI at of my head - arrgggh... May do an internet show around it but considering that may take up time and fill my head with stuff that gets in the way of my main goals... Need therapy!

Guitar next. Then the dreaded admin - which once I'm into will be fine - just getting started. And filming today methinks - snow on the ground... we visited some glorious parts of Suffolk over weekend so look to be out to catch some of that today with snow on the ground - low angled light from late afternoon is glorious here.

There used to be a time I did not know what to do with my Mondays... Not any more...

My mum - she has trained the current British Senior Champions, she is training the current Junior Champions and she has trained our Champions who were not able to compete through injury. Oh and she's off to hungary at the weekend - as you do for another comp with Josh and Charlotte.

Congrats Josh and Charlotte - Junior Champs second time and Louise and Owen for winning the senior...

Sorry I wasn't there - head down working and not feeling like being out and about with DOI gone - I'll get over it! Pull yourself together man! Yeah i hear you - read a Ben Elton book 'The First Casualty' over weekend - all about First World War - I don't know how lucky I am sometimes... Book is brilliant, superb twist at end. He captures the time.

Hope you're having a Happy Monday



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