Monday, November 15, 2010


Christopher Biggins calls... his dulcet tones warming the heart as he passes condolences on Dancing On Ice goodbye to me and sends love to Christiane and Tiger. He is just back off the Aurora - been in the Caribbean... lovely.

I am reminded, and told him, that one of my fondest memories of the five years with the DOI show was on Tour with him, Kyran, Andy Peters and Andy Collins last year.

We had a great time. It's one thing to have the public face during a show quite another to enjoy the company of others in the changing room over a period - we had some great fun. Oh Andy Peters had his own changing room... of course! With his own juicer... must put that in my rider - in fact - must get a rider prepared...

Working on the web - updating website - on a mission to embrace Facebook and You Tube. You should see some changes in an hour's time...

So much to do?... But hang on - We all, the whole country, must go and see Biggins in Wolverhampton. It will be a hoot, can't wait. From 11th December onwards for eight weeks.

Love N


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