Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Give me just a little more time!

It is Wednesday, on Friday morning we are off around the world on our honeymoon. Five weeks and seven locations, some trip.

For everyone who contributed to help make this possible a huge THANK YOU. It will be an amazing time for us and I will see places I have never visited before. The places:


I have so much to do before I go. But then I always have so much to do at the moment, I love the fact I’m never bored!

When I have an end date it is wonderful for me. Something about the ‘last ten minutes’ always inspires me to create and achieve more; however stressful it may feel!

Yesterday I completed a major design task for the marketing material of a new show we have in the pipeline. Photos, copy, design development, an incredible amount of progress has been made in two weeks. I really did not think it was going to be possible and the result we’ve achieved is brilliant. My job is done for now on that project. It is great to have partners who take it on to the next stage now, whilst I swan off around the world.

Writing and design on books has been going well from a design point of view and I’ve had some major breakthroughs. Again the deadline of going away somehow forces answers to questions to become more apparent.

I think I have written around 100,000 words over three months to get stuff out of my system! Not what I would have chosen to do but I think that’s how it is. Now I’m writing ‘for the reader’ without any justifying why I’m writing or saying why what I’m writing is good. It is good and that’s that, much more grounded, effective and powerful, a much better place to be.

So a trip to take, friends to see again, and new experiences to be enjoyed I am a lucky man.

But could I just have another week or so before I go away to get things finished?



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