Sunday, September 30, 2007

Auckland - New Zealand

An hour before our flight in Auckland Airport.

Around the world in 38 days continues.... We had a fantastic time in Fiji. I wrote a song on the beach of a desert island - Drawaqa - with Jim - and we performed it for our group in the evening. It's called Paradise Island and is destined to be a hit. By being in the place, and writing with a Fijian, firstly your vocabulary changes then the tone of the song as you become used to island rhythms. Great fun.

I was designated chief of our band and had to 'be chief' on another island we went to facing the chief and his band in all their regalia - a bit daunting. Drinking the cava was an experience - numb tongue then numb everything if you keep going... apparently, I didn't by the way.

We went on a large sailing ketch and had storms and sunshine, the whole island experience.

Swimming in the coral was gorgeous, cut my arm and back a bit swimming under Christiane though. Trying to be smart.

Suva and Nadi on Fiji seen and lots of memories and vistas.

Sketching the boat at 6 am as the sun came up from our desert island home being one of those.

Had a great time meeting Malcom, Katie and Holly and going back to Christiane's school for a Peace Day morning event in Suva.


I love it. England plus a bit of San Diego. So clean. Three days not really enough to get the feel of the whole country but Maori village yesterday and trips around Rotorua brilliant.

Watching the ALL BLACKS perform when you're in their country is definitely a different view. I supported the Fijians in Fiji, the All Balcks here so it will be the Australians in Oz next.

To Brisbane today. Never been will be great.

Not got it together to get videos and shots up as we go yet - this is a recce though - we'll be going around the world again I'm sure.

Just bought an English paper here. Britain looks a disaster area against the view and culture I see in New Zealand.

Mind you this is only after a few days here..... maybe I'm missing something?

Love to all in blighty.

Nicky and Christiane

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