Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chicago to San Diego

Great to be on honeymoon. Fantastic time in Chicago with my great friend Chris (Howarth) and his family: Bev, James and Jean. They spoilt us amazingly.

We ate - Cheescake Factory ribs were gorgeous. We had a drink up the Hancock Tower. We went on Chris's boat (brilliant fun) - I skied for the first time in years. Got up fine and crossed the wake etc - but I'm so unfit!

We went to the Art gallery and had a wonderful afternoon seeing Impressionaist paintings, my favourite, at the second largest collection after Paris. Monets, Picassos, Gaugins, Turners a wonderful Pissaro and some Van Goghs amongst many others - and you can take pictures of them! So i had a camera full of images to remind us of our visit.

We also saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a tap dancer in the open air theatre in the centre of town. For free! How amazing is that - the sound was superb.

James and Chris alternatively tried to kill me on the tube that is pulled along behind the boat. A glorified yellow tire. I managed to hold on quite well before being wiped out.

I'm so proud of what Chris has accomplished and its great to see the house and the boat and the job (well three jobs he does actually - coach, skating director and assistant manager). He is living the American dream.

Met Susie Wynne Barth last night for first time in ten years - I tried to persuade her to skate with me when she was last over. She looked great and we had a laugh at Chris's.

Today San Diego then. Lunch at George's overlooking the Cove at La Jolla. Gorgeous.

Pictures up soon.



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