Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Writing, designing, editing, pre-flight testing...

Well the summer is wizzing by. Storms and autumn weather make me question global warming for Brighton!

We had water streaming into part of our apartment this weekend as we discovered a leak in the roof!
This was whilst we were having a great party, some guests though turned up drowned by the torrents of rain and had to dry out clothes. I love having people round. it was very relaxed Hopefully our roof will be sorted very soon!

I’ve had a very exciting day so far. But I can’t tell you about it yet. Need to get clearance from Christiane.... Very exciting.... Anyway.... moving on.

I’ve written a huge amount in the last eleven weeks on Being a VIP. One book turned into two that has now turned into three as a possible series. I’m learning about ‘forgiveness’ and ‘love’. Sound a bit soppy? Not from where I am right now. You see I’m looking at creating a framework for us to see where we want to go and how to get there. Part of this process is in ‘freeing us from the lies that bind us’ some of which we know and some we don’t.

This is a huge area and one that has the potential to cause damage to people if not treated well. So I’m getting advice from Doctors I know who are specialists in this area to add to my thoughts!

It’s amazing to me how BAVIP is taking far longer than I expected but, for me, how now gained tremendous depth. It is a very powerful framework for helping us win. Many of us don’t live full out and achieve what we could in our lives. My passion is to help change that - for me and as many others as I can reach!

As ever though the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I need to complete and get the layouts and content to Gordon, my agent, to pass on to publishers. We’ll be looking at US as a prime market.
Anthony Robbins hello - I’ll be coming to add something extra to the party!

So it looks like the EP won’t hit the deadline I’d set. I’m recording some areas but no point in stuff being half finished. The Oasys keyboard I have is a monster to learn for me. It has levels of complexity that has me learning algorithms and stuff I didn’t think I needed to know. I’m learning to be a producer, amongst other things. The sounds though are awesome and I was listening to Chill FM and thinking I can just do that music for you, I can just create soundscapes straight off. Amazing... I work with the patterns and structurse and intuitively compose onto them. Fun and a bit crazy because I always do something different. I’m getting to the point of needing to capture them each time and have a process to get them out in the world through the net. That’s the goal.

I’m composing on the fly in the evenings and learning the depth of Oasys. Wrote a very strong lyric on Monday from reading and research I’m doing around BAVIP. Stephen Kay who created Karma on the Oasys responded kindly to a ‘woe is me this is too difficult’ email re the keyboard last week. Encouraging that the guy that invented some of the technology I’m using had the time to offer some help. I’ll be working through his advice.

I’ve got the rest of the kit I specified over time now to set up so shortly I’ll be able to create and record music and get it for sale onto our webshop all from here. That was always the plan.

Lots to do as ever, but a sense of strong progress. I can feel that the books will really help people have more freedom in their lives and dare to rekindle and then achieve their dreams, this will be brilliant.
My road testing of BAVIP is proving that the structure, visuals, metaphors and overall approach has great value for people.
Shows - planning some.... Will tell you more when they are in train. A team is together and a new approach is planned - it will be something fun. I’ve four shows in the pipeline.

I love being married to Christiane, she is an angel and we laugh a lot. I always new it would be great and I feel at home with her whether I’m having a dip in enthusiam or going for it.
Time to go away - so much to get done? In some ways I’d like to get on with getting on but that’s my way. Five weeks away will be gone in a flash.

Chicago, San Diego, LA, Fiji, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Hong Kong and home for a rest! New friends, old friends, new places and experiences, what a privilege.

Funny thing for me, I have set a course for my life in two distinct areas one is showbusiness, the other is encouraging and enabling people to excel. I love everything about both.

To be able to be clearer about where you want to go and apply myself to those goals gives a wonderful underlying sense of life purpose, even when the challenges come as I step out.

And underlying it is faith for me, church is great. Tim who spoke on sunday described us as a Rag Tag group not afraid to say we’re a bit screwed up as we go. We need forgiveness all the time. And I used to think people in churches had everything sorted. We’re the ones who need as much help as everyone. Great to be honest and a wonder to have a place to go when you’re at the end of yourself.

Thanks for reading.



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