Friday, August 3, 2007


I've been writing and writing for eight weeks now. Over 120,000 words in two books! But does it make any sense? Got a bit stressed as it is taking so long to get to conclusions on the two books I've found myself engrossed in.

The first book is ACT 2 - an autobiography that has loads of funny stories and anecdotes.

The second is looking at How To Win using my BE A VIP system. This has grown and deepened and I am excited for its potential to free people up to perform at their best and also to inspire people to go for their dreams. I think its an American market focus as it has a Christian basis but anyone will be able to use it. The more I write and design the more I am excited about its potential.

I've created a keynote presentation to go with it and I see the book with the DVD in the back as the optimum way of helping people have breakthroughs individually and in teams.

The BE A VIP book will also need a website and I've created a ten week course people can run and I see a show coming from it where people can bring a specific challenge they are facing and then we sort it in a show fashion. Anthony Robbins here I come!

Music? It's all about time... and I may not have enough! It will be a push to realise my goal of having things on the net by the time we leave on our honeymoon. But I think it's still possible. We shall see.

Wish me luck with the writing, it's the formatting and design that's next for BE A VIP.



And I've just my new computer - but the screen resolution doesn't work properly - so it will have to go back. It's a 17 inch Macbookpro and is gorgeous. But I got the high resolution screen and it makes things very small - when I set the screen to show things slightly bigger they are burred! Pain as I need the computer to do the music and the book layout.

I'm learning that however long I think something will take I should treble it!

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