Sunday, January 23, 2011


We were guests of Christopher Biggins yesterday in Wolverhamption for Aladdin. A long trek for us back and forth but well worth the journey. A super show.

Biggins - as I expected - is wonderful and a strong cast and great 3D effects add to a superb entertainment package for all the family! To see pantomime through the eyes of a nearly 3 year old was a joy. Tiger loved it.

Met Paul (Zerdin) co-starring afterwards, lovely man and doing a super job. Loved the emperors main song and the baddie too... The show raced along with funny gags and spectacle and even an elephant! Biggins did a little extra twirl "The choreography is for you Nicky" - as he moved across the stage.... 'With refined elegance!'

Another week and its over - if you haven't seen a pantomime this year go see this one - you will love it.

Biggins said - "I read your bit in the Daily Mail" - I started to splutter about being misquoted etc... Funny I wake up realising that the reach of such a piece is more than I know and that - it's inaccuracy - that caused me to stop reading half way through, is factual to friends and colleagues in the media business - although some know these things can be inaccurate... As a friend of mine said - 'It didn't sound like you..." Indeed. However there it is.

Rats - from now on. "Written sign off!" I do know this but was reminded of my dissappoint in the piece as I met Biggins. Hmmm... And the world of pantomime - some decry it - I have never done it. Buttons, Stephen Adnett (costume designer of DOI said)...

Anyway onwards and upwards a great panto and today church, a birthday party of a three year old blonde my son is friend's with and I'm packing for my great train journey to Berne tomorrow. A 12 hour trip... I love the Eurostar.

Commentary for the European Championships with my great friend Chris Howarth this next week . The ISU have changed the rules for the ice dancing... and I do find the technicality inherent in the sport so complex and difficult to commentate on compared to how it used to be... However - I will do my best and hopefully raise a smile or two for viewers.

Sport is a million miles from music and entertainment for me currently so it will be a head change. I was writing a "Driving on road anywhere" song as we came back late last night - an interesting story... No doubt some song about travel or rail will come up tomorrow...



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