Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday DOI Report

Dancing On ice view - show 2... I don't have one - I didn't watch! So I get from Christiane that it was better - audience more in evidence, better lights around central set, Karen only asked twice, Jason being constructive, judges all agreeing with each other... Emma much better - I can imagine they are becoming more of a team than we had been - no threatening overlapping roles.

And I was thinking for a moment that they needed me! Ha ha - the show rolls on...

I do think the judging panel - going from 3 skaters - two of which were ice dancers and therefore specialise in partnerships to one, who comes from a figure skating background, is a mistake. But then I'm a skater and many of my skating friends were saying this to me last week. However, this is not a show for skaters, it's a show for the public. Pity though that that the skating public is feeling let down by the way things have altered judging wise.

I've also had loads of feedback about the madness of the public voting for two to be thrown off initially - Angela Rippon should have stayed on in my book.

My trainer in the gym on Saturday morning said 'I'm missing hearing why things are good technically - I can see what I see but I want it explained to me - the technical bits...' Bless her - as I cycled and circuited and she ran me ragged...

So I hope they get another skater in - an ice dancer who is eloquent, charming, good looking and able to cope with the vagaries of colleagues and live entertainment... hummmm.. so that would be me then! Somehow I don't think so.

Slater Enterprises is recruiting... exciting possibility for MD and a Manager for me... doesn't half shake my cage though... I may have to actually produce something!
New website coming up this week - I hope... and Radio interview Wednesday - to Switzerland next week for the Great Train Journey...



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