Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just back from a cruise. "It's alright for you," you may say, "but isn't there a recession on?" Indeed. However, I'm pleased to be able to report lovely weather around the Mediterranean, better than for many of the summer cruises (sorry chaps), and a millpond sailing back across The Bay of Biscay and 'all in all' a lovely time.

I didn't relax until near the very end though because I was creating a new show. I did it in the theatre of the Oceana and it went down well. Two shows in one night. The first one flew to time, the second one was 7 minutes slower because I ran out of steam a little in the middle bit.... Should have eaten between shows to keep energy up but I was getting lost in the bowels of the ship trying to find my way back to the stage without walking through the passenger bits. Time akin to Spinal Tap.

We met some lovely people and made some fun new friends. Ray Chopin - a concert pianist being one of these. I blew his identity after my second show but he coped admirably with the questions from passengers. I now have an in with the Welsh Police force, amazing who you meet onboard, not that I need an in with them you understand!

We linked up with old friends we first met in our honeymoon which was on the Oceana three years ago which is very special. It's great to see people onboard who were working then and they greet Tiger as though he is family. The crew are brilliant. It makes me think of what I/we have achieved in the last three years. I think we're doing OK but I need to speed some things up.

Oceana is my favourite P&O ship to date - atmosphere, crew, size, decorum all play a part as do the creche girls and guys who look after the youngsters. My son had a great time and sat with me this morning looking at his books not interupting me - he learnt that on the ship!

So two shows away and successful but the highlight of the cruise was an afternoon on the beach in Monaco. Tiger swimming with me and Christiane in the sea with his armbands on. Ages since I've been in warm sea water and to be with the family was brilliant. Mind you with beer at almost 8 Euros per glass you wonder how much it would cost to live there? Maybe the wine is cheaper?

We are blessed.



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Juliette said...

Interesting blog - I'm a great cruising enthusiast so for me to read about it from another perspective is good. I've been on only one P & O cruise which was the maiden sailing of the Oriana from Southampton which was great (apart from the engine noise in the restaurant!). Will visit here again, thanks.

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