Friday, August 27, 2010


I was creating a program to help people learn to skate today and thought of John Wooden. John is a legend of a coach in the United States and someone, along with Dr Vincent Peale, I have huge respect for and wish I had known his teachings earlier in my life. If you are based in Britain you may not have heard of him.

I thought I would like to include some quotes so I needed to see if I can get in touch with his publishers. I found he had died in June this year aged 99.

I'm sad to never have had the chance to meet him or write. I should have acted earlier... But his legacy is strong in what he leaves by way of a structure to give the best you can which I try to embrace.

If you want insight into how to be the best you can be Google John Wooden. It is wonderful timeless wisdom. I have a clip on my site - scroll down and have a watch and a listen I also watched this

I'm very aware that I have short comings against some of the criteria Johnny Wooden established in his Pyramid - God help me to get better at these areas...

An inspiring man.



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