Monday, August 23, 2010


Christiane my beautiful wife has gently berated me for not blogging or Tweeting or anything like that. My response "I'm too busy to Blog!" "Well tell people..." came her gentle reply.

I think it's more like the Blogging thing is ongoing - like a footsoldier - keep on keeping on.. But I am a Commando in my makeup so right now - with no specific deadline for much of the development and learning I do I'm not feeling provoked to blog / tweet...

Addressing scales, 12 bar blues, circle of fifths on piano, guitar barring (hurts the finger!), iambic pentametres, ternarys and troichaic and pyrrhic substitutions all becoming clearer in poetic mode and various areas of songwriting and website marketing stuff being drilled. I have been writing too. It is never a problem being creative. Oh yes and there are some specific projects being brought to life as I write.

But all that is perhaps a bit boring, unless you're doing it, in which case it all starts to cross reference and becomes rather fascinating and takes every waking hour.

Having a shoulder that crocked when I was lifting heavier weights and a cough doesn't help but all will repair shortly. I sound like an old fashioned Carlsberg advert at present...

If you lived in my world you would be seeing a range of characters developing and music and personalities developing for these. You would see the possibility of a mixing and matching of these characters and the fun in that. But that is my world... for now; so it's a secret and the subject of obscure ramblings..

Enough - "I am too busy to blog..." I am getting on, getting on..."

I hope you are enjoying the summer.

Love N

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