Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I had in mind a new show for a gig on P & O this last month. It took me ages to develop and I had the wonderful pictures of Ken McKay available to me. How to get into 45 minutes all I could and wanted to say? On the cruise I was distracted and not on holiday - except for a day on the beach in Monte Carlo - bliss! I was forever trying to square this circle of what the show would finally be. It was challenging.

Anyway, I did the shows. A deadline always helps! What happened was fantastic. I took the audience to a point of decision and had them sat in the judges chair. It was an organic thing that happened in the show itself as I wizzed through. I also found I can get much more in than previously if I pace things. All great learning.

I got some super feedback and as it was in the theatre we used effects and big screen for the music and videos and slides. P&O entertainment techies Martin and Kit were excellent support. Specifically the guys who came were saying how interesting and entertaining it was and how they had not expected that to be the case.

So, all good but... a lot of guys didn't come to the show. The one's that did were dragged by their wives... and yet the one's that came enjoyed it. So I thought I needed to change the title. I heard from a friend that a film was not a hit until it had it's title changed three times. My original title 'Here Comes the Judge' obviously wasn't doing it and I had some new shots Christiane took of the show itself.

So this morning I've created YOUR CALL. I think this really works because in the show this is what happens; I take you on a journey and you get to a point of having to make YOUR CALL. I think / hope this will appeal much more across the male / female divide because it is less Dancing On ice specific.

I also think YOUR CALL has a powerful Corporate application potential, everyone has to make decisions and communicate them, this is doing just that under pressure. I think it could really help peoples insight into how they are in that process.

So YOUR CALL is on the website which has been sprinkled with new formating... Much better methinks.




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