Thursday, June 3, 2010


A day in London - hotel meetings then a walk down Goodge Street and left onto Chancery Lane. My, London was gorgeous today. (Some very nice frocks around too...! - I know that sounds bad and Christiane raised an eyebrow when I read that bit out but... well gentleman you know what I'm saying and ladies... you know what I'm saying) anyway...

Sat chatting at a table facing onto the street and suddenly before me there was someone I know. A rather well dressed man, distinguished looking. TV colleague? Exec, actor? I know you but....

I looked him in the eye and thought 'I know you.' But... I can't quite place you...

He saw me looking (did he think I was gawking) and (1) looked away because he thought I was a stalker and he gets that sort of attention a lot or (2) maybe he recognised me too but 'couldn't quite place me' and remember my name so was embarassed and had to look away.

Stanley Tucci - co start of Julie and Julia (that I watched with Christiane last Wednesday evening and is a great movie. Buy it, you will be inspired to cook if you don't already and Stanley was so well dressed throughout....) and of course THe Devil Wears Prada - it was him in the flesh, right there in London's media land.

Anyway - it was an exciting moment for me. Even if I do think I might have looked like a plonker as I stared in his direction. This is not America - I am not going to attack you Stanley you are safe.

I do need to get a bit more assertive though. Need to get over being star struck - it's all nonsense!!!

Perhaps Stanley might have considered skating in Dancing On Ice and we missed a golden opportunity?

Should have asked him...



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