Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I love writing and am learning more of poetry structures and being blessed with lyrics - two songs last week. I even did a poem for Phillip and holly - now that's scary! It was fun though...

Yesterday I finished an article for iSkate magazine which gives me free rein to speak on anything I want. Wonderful editorial freedom and allowing me to 'go off on tangents' that I hope are fun and thought provoking for folk.

Interview for the FT - Financial Times that will benefit Sense - a charity i support yesterday. My brother, who works in the city will be surprised to see me in such an auspicious journal.

Interview for European Radio in Spain was fun too...

Oh yes and there I was with Petronella in the Daily Mail last Friday.

Now, after a personal training session that started at 8am to 9 I am at my desk to delve deeper into Logic on my beautiful 30' screen - joy. Fresh coffee beside me - Christiane and Tiger off at the Grapevine Group she helps run. All is right with the world.

Have a great day.



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Laurziee said...

Always interesting to read what you are up to Nicky =)

You and Karen are my fave DOI judges xx