Monday, August 17, 2009


Had a super weekend filled with friends, new places and faces and great food and drink, exhausting and wonderful. Now back to work...

I am still in STUCKSVILLE re technology. One of my suppliers has suggested I getting a Master Tech helper in for £550 a day to train me in how to do this stuff. Seems funny to be sold it and then have to pay to have someone to teach you to use it!? Hmmm...

But... I suppose I am trying to fast-track my learning?

I long for the day when I have this system working - all the bits enabling fast workflow and production... Until then. Frustration, helpline's, chat rooms and the worst kind of computer stress caused by brick walls of computer programes and codecs not working.

My advice for anyone thinking for buying final cut pro and final cut server pro with xdcam sxs media input and thinking it's not a great upgrade from imovie.... do not believe the marketing - it is a huge jump and it eats time.

There must be millions of people leaning new computer stuf everyday and not producing anything because of that.. crazy.

I need a new strategy here - how to breakthrough being STUCK... and I'm stubborn so I keep reading learning and I'll get it done/ Must be an easier way...

Any suggestions?



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Paul Simpson said...

Hi Nicky,

Great to meet you on Ventura, thanks for the very enthusiastic chats about your new and very exciting venture - and the hangover after the Margaritas - that was all your fault :-)

I've just come back from Edinburgh Festival where my daughter Ellie's theatre company Idle Motion performed "Borges and I" to great reviews and nomination for a Total Theatre Award - so fingers crossed!

Met some great people up there so I was minded on my return to drop you a note to wish you all the very best with your new venture, you certainly have the ability and passion to make it work - so I hope that it does for you, Christiane and Tiger and enjoy living in Suffolk it's a lovely part of the country and if you get a chance go to Aldeburgh on the coast and the Maltings at Snape - beautiful.

Take care - all the best,

Paul Simpson
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