Friday, April 24, 2009


Nearing the end of the shortened, more compact DOI Tour. The team - or rather I should say the DOI Army - from talent to tv to tech to catering is running smoothly. It's all very impressive, a big show. Crowds have been full houses and appreciative Chris and Jayne doing Bolero every night a joy as the focus of this year. Celebs doing better than ever - all good.

Took Tiger swimming this morning - he loved it. He's almost walking and almost talking... He held court in the hotel this morning to an audience of diners from adjoining tables - great fun.

No Jason on the panel - a different dynamic. Seems to work, we are all having fun with the odd disagreement that is part of the show - normally caused by yours truly!

Back soon to set up studio - exciting and challenging times ahead. Can't wait... well actually I could wait and have a holiday in the Bahamas before I get down to business but that's not on the cards right now...




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