Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today we walked through a nearby park. It was beautiful. I sat with Tiger under a tree and covered him in leaves that had fallen. His first time seeing leaves in autumn, he loves to feel everything and as an 8 month old, try to taste it too!

Having lived nine years on the sea front in Brighton I would see the change of season with seaside businesses closing down, shutters being put up and the sea front preparing for winter storms. This year it's different. I now live looking over a river estuary, it's quieter, more peaceful. A great place for creativity and a park is around the corner. I'm seeing more green and brown.

So what? Well it's just good to be alive and see the miracle of the seasons.


jewell said...

Nicky, are you judging DOI this year?
I was mega-impressed with Sheffield Arena box office - I booked the very first seat for the Saturday matinee (row1,A1) which they advertised on 27th Oct and they got the ticket to me today (31st)!
I noticed the DOI tour is called the Bolero tour because it will be the 25th anniversary - sounds exciting!
If you are not doing DOI, are you commentating for any competitions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky!
I love the colours of the nature throughout the year! I love to take a stroll, forget everything, and enjoy with every single vein the pure beauty of the nature!
I can see you holding Tiger in your arms... telling him nice stories, caressing him, loving him... Ahh, am getting a little bit sentimental, sorry for that :-)