Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our 'Source' said

Ha ha - a friend showed me an article that said the DOI judges were asking for much more money - a doubling of their £60k to £120k per series that was in a Sunday paper.

How interesting to read something you have had no input into! It is a story, fiction...  based on something? A source said... who is that person called 'Source' I've never heard it as anyone's name.

How do you/I respond though? This is where you see the 'it is fabrication and we can't talk about individual contracts' disclaimer being handed out. 

What would my statement be? Perhaps....

"I am quite happy with the £1 million pounds per series I receive which added to the use of a Bentley Turbo for the year as a tax free perk makes my involvement in the show enjoyable." - now that's another story - or maybe I'm dreaming... Would be good though, maybe I should suggest this to the producers?


"I don't do it for the money I do it for the joy it brings to the British public, for the inspiration it brings to young people who take up the sport and to contribute to fair decisions amongst the competitors."

Or maybe it's somewhere in between at which point you get to. 'I am not a liberty to disclose individual agreements." 

And I used to believe what I read in the papers! Duh....




Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky! Michaela, CZ again! I cant help myself, but this article makes me reply quickly. I am a journalist, therefore I know what some of my colleagues are capable of!

Wish you nerves of steel for all the negative things you have to cope with!

Greetings Michaela, CZ

jewell said...

Who needs it? (That can apply to the press 'stories' or the 'extra money')
Is there anyone left who believes what the papers say?

Personally I think anyone getting £120k for a few months' work, should be putting most of it back into funding ice skating!