Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are in Scotland for the last ICE TIMES show of our current run which is in Fife on Saturday.

Darlington was last Tuesday and we had a fine time - the rake on the stage was so great that it enabled me to get loads of speed up on the down slope! I love raked (angled) stages. Also the audience sees the lovely colours on the ice and the whole look is enhanced. The theatre is beautiful with triple layer in the old style, I had to remember to keep looking up.

I had no partner coming up to Darlington last Monday and, after an appeal on the regional news, I found one - Jade was great fun and did really well.

So it's been: Louise 1, Louise 2, Charlotte, Jade and now Charlotte again as my main partners and having Stephen and Zoe involved for four shows was also super. Quite a journey.

I'll be glad of the break after Fife, we've learnt so much from doing this tour and now need a bit of time to reflect, take that learning on and see how we can develop things. I love it all in this show business but a month off for August will be just fine. Although we have plans now for August that are exciting and another blog subject.

I was really pleased last week to not be stressed by not having a partner for the show. We spent a weekend with family and friends, I sang in the band at church and we made our way up here. By Tuesday evening everything was just fine. Amazing for me to realise more and more what's possible without being stressed out about it!

Oh yes - how did the Worthing show go? Good, but not brilliant - I spoke for too long and the back lights didn't work leaving a flatter atmosphere but.... well I think it was a 7 out of 10. So far I think we had one 10 / 10 evening in High Wycombe, the next will be Fife! Darlington was a 8.5 out of 10....




Laurziee said...

Hey Nicky

Hope your enjoying the sun here in the lovely Scotland. I have been. My shoulders burned.

I'm coming to see you on Saturday with my mum and sister. Good Luck for the show

Laurziee xx

katee said...

happy you enjoyed darlington. Its a gorgeous theater and i adore visiting. Saw your appeal in the press.

Sounds like you are having fun and good luck.

Jen said...

Good Luck with the show tonight Nicky.....I shall be there with my sister.

Have fun - enjoy your last show

Jen x

Anonymous said...

hi nicky was at your show last night with my family we all thought it was really fantastic. we weren't able to stay behind to meet you so thought we would send this instead. thanks again for a fantastic show. will definatly come to see your new show with your wife if you come back to fife.
From Karen mackie & family, st andrews fife