Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy rules

I haven't been blogging for a while. I read on a developers website that no news means that work was being done.... I suppose that's true of me. Time flies, family visits, covering the Grand Prix Series for Eurosport last quarter of last year and digging foundations for our new business.

This week Dancing On Ice 4 starts - the ITV reality series featuring celebrities learning to Ice Dance. I will be judging again. This will be fun and lasts for eleven weeks with the tour running after that.

In the midst of that is Eurosport commentary on Europeans from Helsinki with Chris Howarth - we'll have a blast.

My son was ill with his first cold over Christmas - bless him. As he's 10 months this was and is a big deal for him poor chap. I've been doing 3.45 am shifts with him resting on my shoulder. He's given me his cough now - hope I can speak by Sunday for live TV!

Research and development to set up my studio is progressing well. Just takes a long time to trawl through the myriad of options on each area and fit to a developing business plan. I'm excited about the capability we will have when it's done. A production factory for music and audio visuals being the goal.

I read an Obituary in the Times that Christiane had sent to her. The death was recorded of Common Sense.... having had lunch with some Brits who have moved to New Zealand and hearing how life is there I think we seem to live in a place that is sadly loosing perspective in many areas of administration. NZ sounds great by comparison - you fall over on the street and you can't sue people. It's your job to stand up... makes sense to me. Encouraging though how the British humour and the decency of people can still shine through, I'm meeting loads of great folk at the moment. Who makes the crazy rules we hear about? Did I hear it right we are not going to call schools schools because the term is not positive? At least it gives Terry Wogan something to talk about on an ongoing basis....

Here's to a great 2009 and a rebellion against the faceless administrators that introduce crazy rules....




atletka07 said...

Here is, Nicky, a poem by me for your little son, who will celebrate an important day in his life soon:

You are so cute
When you´re sleeping peacefully.
Eyes closed, your little hand in daddy´s.

You hear Dad singing
Song of sweet tune.
It touches your heart
And makes you laugh.

Even in sleep.

Nick Wright said...

Hi Nicky,

Remember me? Heck, it's been some time now since those days at Shaftesbury. It's been great to see you on TV on dancing on ice and we always cheer you on when Holly W gives you space to comment, 'Go for it, Nicky!!'. We especially felt for you in what looked like a bit of conflict with Jason a couple of series back. We were rooting for you, mate.

I left Shaftesbury to work for Tearfund, spent 7 years there (and loved it) then moved to World Vision in Milton Keynes where I've been for the past 4 years. I still have good contact with Mike Wilson from Shaftesbury (remember him?) and have occasionally encountered Fran B but otherwise life has moved on a lot since those days.

Great to see your news on your website (especially like the dudey photo with the guitar!). If you're ever in the Milton Keynes area and fancy meeting up for a drink, let me know. With blessings to you and the family.

Nick Wright

Steve said...

Not really relating to this but nice to see someone well known in Ipswich! Saw you walking with friends/family and your little boy along the waterfront today.

Keep up the good work :-)