Friday, November 9, 2007

Set Up moving ahead well...

How are you doing?

I mean really? I’ve been thinking about that. Part of me is beat up with the, “You haven’t made it yet” story and part of me is excited about “What’s next!”

I had a breakthrough today. Connected up almost all areas of studio I’ve developed over the last year. Great to see it all coming together and the mix of effects I have. Neil at Focusrite thanks for linking me in – customer help as it should be.

As you isolate an area of quiet for recording though you find that some of the equipment makes a noise, like my pesky and beautiful Oasys. So I’ll have to turn it of when recording voice! Hey ho… never mind.

We’re nearly at the stage of starting to record now. Routing microphones and effects and plug ins rule my life at present. Learning to be a recording engineer was not a part of my original plan but its interesting, I might be turning into an anorack!

Went to the National TV Awards last week with the Dancing on Ice team. We nearly won but were pipped by the X Factor. Next year we’ll get them… It was surreal to do the red carpet thing – five years ago I lived around the corner in Earls Court and I watched from the other side of the fence whilst the great and good celebs arrived. Funny to be in there with them.

Partnerships seem to be coming up in business which fits into my plan of not working alone in the medium term and lyrics and songs have been flowing – about Red Carpet people and having a baby – but not at he same time!

That’s it for now.

Au Revoir



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