Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DOI WEEK'S 4 & 5

Haven't had time to post in the last couple of weeks so here is a brief catch up.

Week 4 - Stephen was voted off with Kristina. Here we are at This Morning. Had a great time getting to know Stephen a bit more - lovely guy - I will take you up on the singing lesson.

Week 5 - Saturday - Dancing on ice week 5 complete. Kay is voted off. Show didn't have any breakthrough performances for me. It levelled off a little. Still amazing what the skaters and celebs can do but no one stood out. I have the feeling I'll see someone come on leaps and bounds this next week.

Monday - Interviews on This Morning with Kay Burley with hosts Phillip and Fern. Then afternoon for DOI Exclusive with Ben and Kay's partner Fred.

Tuesday - missed Sunrise on Sky interview! - flipping taxi didn't have enough time to get to studio and then found and just sat in a traffic jam and - bless him - the driver didn't know an alternative route! He didn't even know the way to Richmond. Stress! I've never missed a gig before and this was crazy. After the service we get to drive us to Dancing on ice and around from the drivers this was a bit of a shock. Anyway - no one died. I just hope I don't have that guy, on a busy day in London again. (Until he's learnt the options for routes that is!)

The boy's are looking good - Lee was much better and Duncan improved the most for me. Kieran was faster and is skating more over the ice. the sportsmen (Lee and Kieran) need to become stronger showmen now and the showman (Duncan) needs more attack throughout his routines - he had more speed in places but them eases off. He's realting very well to Maria.

The girl's - I hope Lisa gets the ice flow feeling as she is still up on her skates, this is the block for her as her presentation is very good. Emily is moving ahead very well - a little stutter is just to be put behind her. Daniel is caoching her (as he did Gaynor Faye last year) briliantly and you can see the relationship on the ice. Claire was thrown by the music choice ( part of me thinks she could have used the empotions as a trained actress and that would have added to the routine). Claire has gone from first to fourth. But that's fine she can always come back up. DOI changes week by week. For me Claire relaxing and relating more to Andrei will make a difference to the performance.

Other stuff - I wasn't well in week 4 - had flu I think so didn't enjoy the experience that much. Last week was better. If you saw Defrosted and me and Stephen skating I hope you liked it. My nephews (7 and 3) were laughing out loud at his antics. And the ice strator - I couldn't do noughts and crosses and explain skating at the same time - he's too fast for me!

A word for the professional skaters on Dancing on ice. Maria, Frankie and Mel are all doing amazing jobs as are Matt, Daniel and Andrei. Al the professional skaters have been committed and brilliant with their partners. We see the celebs loming large but much of the powerhouse behind them is their partner.

Hope you enjoy this week.

Love n

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Andrew T said...

Hi Nicky,

Your blogs are excellent - it's really interesting getting the inside view. It's particularly interesting to hear your take on the new Torvill and Dean routines.